About Mary Salbador Events

Mary Salbador Events believes that no two couples or weddings are alike. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience. ——YOU DREAM, WE PLAN.

Mary Salbador Events provides you with a “signature” event through a custom design, attention to detail, and a level of service that rises above the rest. A wedding planner has many roles in planning your custom event. There are many planners that are capable of producing an event, but finding that “right” planner is very important. You will be spending a great amount of time with your planner, therefore you will want to make sure that your consultant possesses the ability to listen, has the expertise to carry out every detail, and the commitment to provide undivided attention to each client.

Many people believe that they cannot afford a wedding and event planner. But a good wedding and event planner can actually help you save money by providing a personalized budget, working with an established set of vendors that are reliable and who usually provide a professional discount to your planner that is then passed on to their clients, by keeping you on track, and keeping you from making costly mistakes. Many people also question why if my church, place of worship, or reception venue provides a wedding consultant should I hire a certified wedding planner. The answer to that is very simple, most of the consultants working for these facilities are there to help manage and oversee the events housed strictly at their venue, and they will not go with you from rehearsal to ceremony to reception. These consultants, while very knowledgeable about their particular facility are not in the business of providing custom or signature wedding and events. If you hire Mary Salbador Events rest assured that you will never get a “cookie cutter” wedding or event.